Friday, May 25, 2012

Exercise and Pregnancy

Exercise and Pregnancy - Just because you have a baby on board does not mean that you are done with your fitness training regime. Of course, ALWAYS check with your doctor before you start any physical training, especially when pregnant. But once you get the green flag, you will find things like ball wall squats, arm curls and other exercises can be done with safety and ease. When in doubt, ask your Doc!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooling down

Cooling down should be a part of every workout routine - A cool down helps your body recover from the stress of exercise and helps the circulatory system return to a resting state. Not cooling down can lead to dizziness and fainting... not a good idea with the sharp metal objects typically found in gyms! A typical cool down can be light aerobic exercise at a slow, steady pace or stretching.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Use the TV for training

Use the TV for training - The TV can be a great tool for working out, but here's the catch; work out only during your favorite shows. Or, even better, record your favorite shows and exercise then (but don't fast forward through commercials, unless you have more than one hour of programming to watch). This tip can really help time to fly by faster during your workout, and you get the added bonus of spending less time with your butt on the couch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Toning Overview

Everyone is looking for that elusive, magic weight-loss trick. The only "magic" weight-loss trick I know of is strength training - weight-bearing exercise designed to build and strengthen your muscles. That's what this section of my site is all about toning and firming those muscles!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Are Calorie-Free Oil Sprays Safe for Cooking?

Are Calorie-Free Oil Sprays Safe for Cooking?

Q: I like to stir-fry lean proteins with vegetables, usually using something like a PAM calorie-free olive oil spray. Is this type of product harmful to my health? I tend to avoid straight olive oil from a bottle because of its high caloric content.

A: First off, smart choice on using a spray oil instead of pouring straight from the bottle. This is a great strategy for trimming calories if you're trying to manage your weight — you'll save 120 calories per tablespoon of oil you cut from recipes.

The ingredients used in commercial cooking sprays are considered safe by the FDA (although some people question the safety of the chemical propellants they use). But there's an even better option: Pick up a reusable oil mister at a home goods store (they're inexpensive, around $10) and fill it with your favorite olive, canola, grapeseed or other heart-healthy oil. So, the mister contains 100 percent pure oil and NO additives. The reusable misters are more cost-effective and better for the environment, since you're not constantly throwing away the empty canisters. Plus, I've found that by using the mister with straight oil and no additives, you're less likely to be left with a film on your pans. It's a smart choice for you, the environment, and your wallet!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quality Does Matter

Quality Does Matter - Take your time in your next fitness resistance training session. Each rep you perform as you lift your weights should last at least 4 seconds.

In fact, the next time you have a training session challenge yourself by going as slow as you can go. See how much you can focus on really keeping your muscles contracted, and I guarantee you will feel it the next day.