Saturday, August 20, 2011

TransFormation: Seeing results after four weeks of Fitness Fun Camp with Chris Tina Bruce

Editor's note: Freelance writer Margie M. Palmer decided to take a four-week Fitness Fun Camp with Chris Tina Bruce, and shares her experience with SDGLN readers.

SAN DIEGO -- I think I officially hit my plateau at some point in January. But then again, come mid-January, although I’d kept up my exercise regimen, my stringent diet began to fall to the wayside. And although I was content to maintain, I knew I wasn’t necessarily to where I wanted to be. For me, when it came to dieting and training, balls-to-the-wall dedication had never been a challenge. But after throwing myself into a routine and then ultimately hitting a wall, my mind would become my greatest obstacle. Basically, I’d get it in my head that if sticking with the diet wasn’t getting me anywhere - and I could maintain while gnoshing on Ciro’s pizza and steak paninis, well, why the hell not? Still, though, I figured I must be missing something.