Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chris Tina Bruce interview on Feast of Fun

Transgendered people and bodybuilders share a lot in common- they both work very hard for the body they want to have. In many ways, enhancing gender characteristics on either side of the male or female spectrum is a difficult transition.

From fit to fabulous! Chris Tina Bruce
Although bodybuilders can get muscles by spending long hours at the gym and eating right, they sometimes resort to steroids to get big. For trans people, they especially have to rely on hormonal supplementation to achieve their desired look.
In a world that has a hard time accepting people who are different, some trans people and bodybuilders are driven underground and put themselves at risk to get the drugs they need to be the person they want to be.

In Chris Tina Bruce‘s case, she’s transitioned twice- from fit to fabulous! First, she became a 230 lb male bodybuilder and now she’s a 180 lb female fitness guru, 6’4″ in heels!

Listen as Chris from Discover Health and Fitness, talks with us about her extraordinary journey and people struggle understanding steroids, hormones, plastic surgery and body modification.

Plus, trans fitness tips for everyone, her reality TV show in the works, and is the word tranny really a trans taboo word or are we ignoring something much bigger than this.