Sunday, March 20, 2016

Go With Your Gut: The Facts on Fiber

Ever wonder why fiber is so great for your digestion? Get the facts, and find out how to add more fiber to your clients’ diets.

Most of us know the basics on fiber: It helps us “stay regular,” and if things aren’t as “regular” as usual, we try to eat more foods like bran cereals and prunes. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Back to Fitness

Let’s welcome Spring!

Fact#1 – When bears  come out of their hibernation they are hungry and have lost weight, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for humans. When we hibernate from our physical activities we tend to gain weight because we don’t burn enough calories from our food that we consume.  Well, it’s time to step out of hibernation and get more physically active!

Fact#2 – By this time, most New Year’s resolutions has long been forgotten.  All our exciting efforts during the holiday season has been diminished. Well, it’s time to step up and get out of that cycle!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weight Loss Surgery Didn’t Fix My Disordered Eating

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed
It was January 2013, I was a couple of weeks shy of my 25th birthday, and my BMI was over 40, the result of a lifelong addiction to food and a history of binge-eating. And after months, if not years, of dilly-dallying, I’d finally decided to seriously look into bariatric surgery. So I met with a doctor in a cold hospital room in Lebanon, where I live, to discuss my options. For an hour, he poked and prodded and checked for medical soundness as I stood self-consciously in my underwear.